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What to Expect in New Minecraft 1.20 Update

By: Willow Schools and Rachel Swigart Coming in June of 2023, Minecraft will come out with the Trails and Tails update, bringing new creatures, plants, and more. Players will be able to explore the new features that Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, is adding to the game. With […]

The Future of the Economy With the Willow Project Approved

By: Genevieve Rippeon On Monday, March 13, President Biden approved the Willow Project. Created by ConocoPhillips, the Willow Project is an oil-drilling exploration. According to the project’s website, the project is “important for Alaska’s economy and for America’s energy security.”  Also, according to the website, Willow could generate […]

Recent Rise in Turbulence Shakes Up Travelers

By: Serenity Holland  Turbulence is skyrocketing in a way that is unleashing fear for future flights. Recent incidents of extreme turbulence have flooded the media and travelers are becoming apprehensive. Social media users have claimed this phenomenon is rooted in climate change. Flying has become one of the […]