The Summit from Home

Want to learn about being a staff member for The Mountain? Watch this short, informational video by Bailey Ryan.

2020 Rewind

Bailey Ryan’s documentary reviews all of the highs and lows of 2020.

Quarantine TV

Reidar Blanco covers the shows everyone binged during quarantine.

MLB Hall of Fame

Cooper Baer goes over the considerations for the MLB Hall of Fame, as well as the controversy of certain athletes.

The History of Lynching in MD

Sameena Mathew dives deep into the history of lynching in MD by visiting famous lynching sites and speaking to the founder of the Maryland Lynching Memorial Project.

EC Flood Bot Warns Citizens

A flood bot in downtown Ellicott City can detect incoming floods and warn citizens. Anchor Isabella Maheu discusses this new technology and how it will help business owners and citizens of EC.

Winter and Fall Sports Canceled

Maggie Ballman covers student’s opinions on the cancellation of sports this school year due to COVID-19. Was this necessary for student safety, or should athletes be able to continue playing sports with safer guidelines?

New Procedures for Medical Field

Matthew Paczkowski discusses how medical professionals, such as physical therapists, continue their work during the pandemic. How have things changed for patients and therapists?

Thanksgiving during COVID-19

Casey Gallman interviews Mt. Hebron students on how they plan to spend Thanksgiving while keeping family and friends safe.

Virtual Orchestra Rehearsals

Tommy Berlack talks to Mt. Hebron musicians about the struggles of virtual orchestra practices.

Each of these videos are a product of The Summit From Home, an initiative to produce broadcast news while in virtual school (due to COVID-19). All broadcasts were conducted by students from home.

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