The Summit 2021 Archive

All videos produced and edited by MHHS journalism students
What is Mt. Hebron Listening to?
Nafisa Anjum and Audrey Parker ask Mt. Hebron Students, “What was the last song you listened to?”
Spider-Man: No Way Home Hype

Edric Brillantes dives into the hype surrounding the latest Marvel release and third installment of the current Spider-Man trilogy, Spider-Man: No Way Home.
Tangerines Going to Waste

Cooper Baer and Justin Ho interview students about the pressing issue of tangerines going to waste in school lunches.

Meme Accounts Take Over Mt. Hebron Instagram
Isaac Noll and Gary Gibbs II investigate Mt. Hebron meme accounts and get the inside scoop from a student who runs one of them.
School Violence in HCPSS

Arayana Ladson and Fateha Syed interview Mt. Hebron students and staff for their opinions about school violence in HCPSS.
‘2048 CupcakeS’ Grabs Student’s Attention

Lauren Gustafson and Emma Schwartz interview students over newest game craze, 2048 Cupcakes.
College Football Playoffs
Nathan Acuna interviews students about possibilities for the college football playoffs.
Mt. Hebron Met Gala

Maria Estaphanos and Kate Carneal find out what Mt. Hebron is wearing.
MT. Hebron Traditions

Andrea Greiff and Nishaat Makandar interview Mt. Hebron students and staff on their holiday traditions.
MHHS Spam Instagram Accounts
Gabby Teachey and Gauri Nair interviews anonymous student who runs a Mt. Hebron instagram spam account.

“Journalism is the first rough draft of history”
– Philip L. Graham