Cute or Cringe: Homecoming Proposals

By: Emma Shwartz and  Lainey Hynes

Homecoming season is in full swing for Mt. Hebron, which means many students are asking each other for homecoming. Grand gesture homecoming proposals have been around for years, but opinions on them vary. So, we asked Hebron students, are homecoming proposals cute or cringe?

Once the first few grand gesture proposals kicked off, the concept steadily grew in popularity, but it took off after an episode of the teen reality show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County aired on MTV. In the episode “The Last Dance”, several grand gesture proposals were seen, inspiring teens around the country to ask potential dates in the most flamboyant way possible.

Seeing someone get asked to homecoming with a personalized poster is not uncommon this time of year, so Hebron students were quite vocal about their opinions on grand gesture proposals and everything else surrounding homecoming.

“I feel that the grand gesture of asking someone to homecoming is part of the whole experience. I think it’s a really great thing someone can do for someone else and can make high school life a little more exciting,” said junior Juliana Rodriguez, who was asked by her boyfriend after school. “My homecoming proposal was lovely even though I totally expected it. I think it’s the effort that he put into it that made it so great and showed me he really cares.”

Homecoming posters are a big thing at Mt. Hebron, and many students think they are very cute, even though they can be awkward. Several students said that having a crowd watching would help alleviate some of the discomforts. 

Senior Aaron Abedin said, “It was nice to have people around. It’s less awkward, if it was just me and her it would be more awkward.” 

Other students have said that the atmosphere of having people around can also just be more fun than being alone. 

“An audience never makes me uncomfortable. Personally, I would like everyone around to see the homecoming proposal,” said Rodriguez.

Homecoming proposals set the tone for homecoming and produce an innocent but intimate feeling around homecoming. However, homecoming proposals are not the only thing people enjoy about homecoming.

“I’m excited to have the experience and be with my date and my friends. Mostly my friends, because I love hanging out with my friends and seeing everyone,” said junior Riya Nair. 

Despite the lighthearted nature of homecoming proposals, some students would rather skip the sign and just go with friends, or at least be asked less overwhelmingly.

“I don’t like it when homecoming proposals are public, I think that’s manipulative,” said junior Grace Potter, commenting on the pressure to say yes to a homecoming ask when there is a big audience. 

While everyone has their own opinions on Homecoming Promposals, they are a tradition that will live on for many years.

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