Co Editor-in-Chief: Evan McClure (12)
Co Editor-in-Chief: Joshua Mathew (12)

Section Editors:
Gabby Teachey (12)
Maggie Ballmann (11)
Tommy Berlack (12)
Gauri Nair (11)
Audrey Parker (11)
Jeffrey Mansour (12)
Nafisa Anjum (11)

Staff Writers:
Olivia Bashura
Sarah Blackwell
Melia Botticelli
Kate Carneal
Hannah Chang
Maria Estaphanos
Naomi Etienne
Serenity Holland
Lainey Hynes
Camden Lippert
Jacina McNeal Fordjour
Kaliea Mundorf
Bella Pitrone
Genevieve Rippeon
Willow Schools
Emma Schwarz
Fateha Syed
Rachel Swigart
Solana Wynn

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Rachel Fulchino

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