Editors-in-Chief: Julia Cargiulo (12) & Amy Dell (12)

News Editor: Andrew Breazeale (12)Megan Eisentraut (10)
Features Editors: Ellie Gustafson (12)
Opinions Editor: Ellie McKenzie (12)
Sports Editor: Quinn Burkitt (12) & Anthony Marcelli (10)

The Summit Producer: Amy Dell (12)

Social Media Manager: Asha Taylor (10)

Staff Writers:

Lola Hankins (11)

Benjamin Higdon (11)

Jacob Bashura (10)

Prajeet Kalakonda (10)

Tucker Mihalik (10)

Matthew Millen (10)

Mara Poole (10)

Henry Kohler (10)

Bryson Wyatt (9)



Broadcast Adviser: Mr. Scott Robinson

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Rachel Fulchino

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