Editors-in-Chief:  Asha Taylor (11) Jacob Bashura (11)

News Editor: Megan Eisentraut (11)
Features Editors: Mara Poole (11)
Opinions Editor:Matthew Millen (11)
Sports Editor: Anthony Marcelli (11)

The Summit Producer: Tucker Mihalik (11)

Social Media Manager: Asha Taylor (11)

Staff Writers:

Tucker Mihalik (11)

Bryson Wyatt (10)

Zohra Ahmed

Lucia Baran

Christian Bekele

Alana Brown

Evan Carneal

Sasha Carrico

Kendra Chadwick

Alexis Croft

Meg Duffy

Lucie Jeeter

Zeenat Malik

Dominic Marcinelli

Jerome Mathew

Jake Shindel

Paige Sine

Amna Syed

Emma Tennant

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Rachel Fulchino

Broadcast Adviser: Ms. Tracy Richter



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