Co Editor-in-Chief: Isabella Maheu (12)
Co Editor-in-Chief: Joshua Mathew (11)

Section Editors:
Abby Dacombe (12)
Evan McClure (11)
Gary Gibbs II (12)
Maggie Ballmann (10)
Tommy Berlack (11)
Bailey Ryan (12)
Khushika Shah (12)

Staff Writers:
Nate Acuna
Nafisa Anjum
Edric Brillantes
Abby Evans
Andrea Greiff
Lauren Gustafson
Justin Ho
Eliana Klein
Sarika Kumar
Arayana Ladson
Jeffrey Mansour
Gauri Nair
Audrey Parker
Madeleine Philips
Emma Schwartz
Fateha Syed
Gabby Teachey
Maria Estaphanos
Nishaat Makandar
Cooper Baer
Issac Noll

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Rachel Fulchino

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