Richter Brings Home HoCo Good Sport Award

On March 13, Justin Richter was named the Howard County Recreation and Parks Youth Player of the Year Good Sports winner at the Mid Atlantic Recreation and Sports Alliance Awards at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, MD. Richter was nominated by the Special Olympic Committee for helping another […]

Allison Alston Wins 2019 HCPSS SMOB

On Thursday, March 21, junior Allison Alston paid a visit at Mt. Hebron. Allison has been elected to be a finalist running for SMOB 2019. She came to Mt. Hebron to get to know Mt. Hebron’s SGA as well as for SGA to get to know her. Her […]

Brunei Appeals Death Penalty for Homosexuality

On April 3, 2019, the country of Brunei put into effect a law first proposed in 2013, that includes stoning to death for gay sex and adultery; causing controversy. As of May 2019, the Sultan has announced a clarification- after pressure from many countries and organizations- that Brunei […]