What to Expect in New Minecraft 1.20 Update

By: Willow Schools and Rachel Swigart Coming in June of 2023, Minecraft will come out with the Trails and Tails update, bringing new creatures, plants, and more. Players will be able to explore the new features that Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, is adding to the game. With […]

The Future of the Economy With the Willow Project Approved

By: Genevieve Rippeon On Monday, March 13, President Biden approved the Willow Project. Created by ConocoPhillips, the Willow Project is an oil-drilling exploration. According to the project’s website, the project is “important for Alaska’s economy and for America’s energy security.”  Also, according to the website, Willow could generate […]

Recent Rise in Turbulence Shakes Up Travelers

By: Serenity Holland  Turbulence is skyrocketing in a way that is unleashing fear for future flights. Recent incidents of extreme turbulence have flooded the media and travelers are becoming apprehensive. Social media users have claimed this phenomenon is rooted in climate change. Flying has become one of the […]

Women’s History Month at Hebron

By: Kailea Mundorf March coincides as Women’s History Month, celebrating women all around the world, from our past, present, and future — inspiring new generations to come. International Women’s Day takes place on March 8th, recognizing achievements and challenges women face, as well as bringing attention to gender […]

Mt. Hebron Athletes Leap Into Spring Sports

By: Maria Estaphanos and Solana Wynn With spring sports around the corner, Mt. Hebron students are ready to jump in. Spring sports at Mt. Hebron include softball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, and outdoor track and field, and students are more than ready to get back to the spring sport […]

Does Chat GPT Have a Political Agenda?

Political opinions differ drastically from person to person due to varying personal experiences. The people we associate with, how we’re brought up, our parents and teachers, where we live, and the news we consume…all factors forever shaping our beliefs. Because artificial intelligence works off of a database alone, […]

2023 Grammys: A Night to Remember

By: Serenity Holland The 65th annual Grammy Awards show unfolded in a shocking, but unbothered fashion. Artists like Beyoncé and Kim Petra made history, while artists like Samara Joy and Bonnie Raitt were taken by surprise. The historically controversial award show was a night that left everyone dazzled. […]

From the Desk of the Chief: An Introduction

What I love most about The Mountain is how it’s been my creative outlook for the last three years, exercising the writing muscle rarely used in other classes/activities. Following my sophomore year as a staff writer, I became the editor of the sports section before being named co-Editor […]

Winter Break Extended Due to Southwest Meltdown

By: Naomi Etienne and Emma Schwarz Winter break has been extended due to Southwest Airline’s malfunctioning. As people around the country travel to places around the globe during their break, their flights are getting put on pause.  One major reason vacations have been cut short or extended is […]

Midterms Are Back

By: Melia Botticelli and Fateha Syed Midterms are making a comeback for the first time in three years, and due to high schools not being able to give them out throughout Covid-19, students aren’t sure what to expect and how to prepare themselves for the upcoming exams. This […]

2023: A Year of New Beginnings

By: Kailea Mundorf and Hannah Chang As the New Year begins, people start to imagine what their lives could become — a sign of the future, new ambitions, and new goals. This is what prompts the age-old “New Year’s Resolution,” a way for people to mark the new […]

Freezing Cold Temperatures Recorded in Maryland

By: Serenity Holland Temperatures in Maryland have been offensively rigid this December. Northeastern air is taking on the lower end of thirty-degree weather causing the community to face prompt adjustment. Kickstarting the heat and digging out sweatshirts from the bottom of the closet has come sooner than expected.  […]

15 years later, Tennessee makes the big win

By: Kate Carneal and Camden Lippert For fifteen years, Tennessee football has been fighting for a victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide. On Saturday, October 15, history was made as the Volunteers defeated Alabama (52-49) in front of their home crowd.  The win shocked the college football world. […]