Juniors Participate in College Field Trips

Mt. Hebron juniors were recently offered the opportunity to attend field trips to five different Maryland Universities. Juniors had the option to attend Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, College Park, Salisbury University, Towson University, and Mount St. Mary’s University. On the trips, Juniors toured the campuses and learned about the colleges and universities they were interested in.  

Ashmitha Julius Aravind participated in the field trip to Johns Hopkins University. She went on the trip because she believed it would be an educational experience, was interested in being exposed to a college environment, and was intrigued to tour the campus.  

Aravind referred to the Johns Hopkins campus as an “oasis of nature.” She believed that the Johns Hopkins campus offered the best of both worlds because the metropolitan section of the campus fosters creativity, and the surrounding nature and scenery on the campus is calming. 

Aravind’s favorite part of the trip was observing the lives of true college students. She had the opportunity to visit different libraries on the campus and witness college students studying.

“It really just made me reflect on how one of the things I enjoy about college is how students, they aren’t restricted to one particular type of schedule,” she said, “You need to be there and connect with the place yourself.” 

Aravind mentioned how it is important to do research on the universities or schools you are interested in.  She emphasized the importance of witnessing what different colleges have to offer in order to get a better understanding of university life. 

Isha Raje, another Mt. Hebron junior, who participated in the field trip day to visit the University of Maryland, College Park. Raje mentioned how she believes UMD is a competitive school that is close to home. Raje also observed how UMD is an open campus that is not too clustered. 

“I wanted to aim high and try to see if I could see myself living there for the next four years,” said Raje. 

The highlight of Raje’s trip was getting to see how college students live. “It was interesting to see what the daily life of a college student is, both the residential aspect and the academic aspect, and also the recreational aspect, of clubs and activities and sports that people are engaged in.”

Raje recommends going on college visits if given the opportunity.

“I think it’s good not only to see what the school has to offer academically, but also the lifestyle of the school and what the community is like in that school.”

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