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Mt. Hebron Finals Around the Corner

By Fateha Syed This year will be the first final test administered since the Covid-19 outbreak back in 2019. Midterms this year were canceled due to the increase in Covid-19 cases and student mental health concerns. As finals are just around the corner, students are faced with the […]

Mt. Hebron Takes the Stage with Seussical

By Isaac Noll Mt. Hebron Theatre’s production of ‘Seussical’ is hitting the stage. This will be the first musical performance at Mt. Hebron since the pandemic began, making for a unique finale for theatre students graduating in 2022 who have not done a musical since ‘Damn Yankees’ in […]

Chromebook Conundrum: Youtube Blocked on School Laptops

By Lauren Gustafson After over a year of online school being entirely dependent on the use of Chromebooks, Google Drive, Peardeck, and Wifi, the transition back to in-person school has morphed education to encompass the different styles of learning developed during Covid-19. In place of paper, school-issued Chromebooks […]