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Sounds That “Feel Good” For Fall

October appeared to be a popular month for artists to release their new albums. Some of them were sure to impress, while others seemed destined to disappoint.   “Sounds Good Feels Good” by 5 Seconds of Summer “Sounds Good Feels Good” provides exactly what you would expect from […]

Senioritis: Real or Fake?

As an underclassman, you are constantly warned that no grade level in high school will be as difficult as the notorious junior year. It is filled with demands to take challenging classes, to earn high grades, and to perform well on standardized tests. Moreover, no junior year would […]

Next Flicks on Netflix

Netflix is infamous for its ability to enable “binge-watching” for both TV shows and movies. However, while some shows are heavily promoted, a lot of the content that Netflix produces tends to be overlooked by viewers. Here are some flicks you might want to check out. “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” This […]

Fall Back Into New TV

As the fall TV season begins, it can be hard to figure out which shows you want to devote your time to. So here are a few reviews of shows to help you overcome that tough decision. “Scream Queens” FOX network released a new show, “Scream Queens,” on […]

Citizen M Is Sick Of Being Sick

There are a lot of questions as to what the “M” in Citizen M stands for. While I can’t disclose that information (and not because I don’t know what it stands for, either, because I totally do know), I CAN tell you what it DOESN’T mean. It surely […]

New Snapchat Updates Filter In

Everyone with a smartphone now knows about the new and hilariously entertaining Snapchat update. This new update features seven new attributes to upgrade everyone’s selfie-taking abilities. The changes in the app allow people to take pictures of themselves while applying technologically advanced filters. One of these is the […]