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Shea Donovan

UConn Makes NCAA Women’s Basketball History

On April 5, basketball history was made in Indianapolis. The University of Connecticut girls ‘achieved perfection’ when they won the National Championship. Not only did they win the title this year, which completed their undefeated season, but they also became the first NCAA Division I women’s team to […]

Sankey Shows No “Sines” of Stopping

Math teacher Mr. Tom Sankey was recently nominated to represent HCPSS Mathematics Teachers for the MCTM Outstanding Mathematics Educator Award and has made it to the second round of finalists. This is a prestigious award, and it is clear that Mr. Sankey is well-deserving of this honor. Sophomore […]

O.J. Simpson Possibly Suffering from CTE

In 2015, Dr. Bennet Omalu exposed a highly dangerous, degenerative brain disease, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Now, more than 20 years after millions watched the controversial court decision where O.J. Simpson was found innocent, Dr. Omalu is willing to bet his medical license that Simpson is suffering from […]

Christmas, Too Soon?

With just under 50 days until Christmas, is it too early to start celebrating? Every year it seems as though stores initiate holiday sales sooner than years before. Even Santa makes an early appearance, visiting shopping malls prior to Thanksgiving. Many feel that the Christmas season has become […]

Is Football Fatal?

Since 1869, football has been an exciting pastime for Americans, but recent research may reveal flaws in this favorite sport. Actor Will Smith aims to do just that in his new movie, “Concussion,” coming out this Christmas. Football players have an increased risk of suffering from severe concussions. What […]