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Rylee Kinsella

Orange Spring Blooms in Baltimore

Spring has finally come to Maryland and with that brings Orioles baseball, otherwise known as Orange Spring. The O’s have shown their worth in the beginning of their season by winning their first seven games, including Boston’s opening day. The last time the Orioles won the first five […]

New Snapchat Updates Filter In

Everyone with a smartphone now knows about the new and hilariously entertaining Snapchat update. This new update features seven new attributes to upgrade everyone’s selfie-taking abilities. The changes in the app allow people to take pictures of themselves while applying technologically advanced filters. One of these is the […]

Traditions March Forward With Pi Day

This Saturday, the world will be celebrating the wonder of pi. No, it is not the classic “grandma’s house” dessert, but it is something just as sweet. Maybe. This day will be all about the popular numerical value commonly used in mathematics: π. From geometry to pre-calculus, almost […]