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Laura Maddock

Chadwick Wins Young Authors Contest

In this year’s State of Maryland International Reading Association Council’s Young Authors Contest, freshman Kendra Chadwick placed first in the 9th grade poetry category with her poem “Hands and Hearts.” Chadwick took part in the ceremony held in honor of all the winners and shared her award-winning poem […]

Jett Soars into General Assembly

Senior Robert Jett has been awarded the prestigious honor of being a page for the General Assembly of Maryland. After submitting an essay about why government is important, Jett was nominated by the Mt. Hebron Social Studies Department to be considered for the position on a county level. […]

Go Back To The Future With Marty McFly

Robert Zemeckis’ “Back To The Future Part II”, released in 1989, brought time travel back into the national spotlight. The film made many predictions on what 2015 would look like, including many technological advances and innovations. As we celebrate the day Marty McFly supposedly visited the future, the […]