What to Expect in New Minecraft 1.20 Update

By: Willow Schools and Rachel Swigart

Coming in June of 2023, Minecraft will come out with the Trails and Tails update, bringing new creatures, plants, and more. Players will be able to explore the new features that Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, is adding to the game. With the beta version’s release following the announcement of the update, many have already begun sharing new possibilities. 

A new feature that has been added is the cherry blossom biome which fans of the game seem the most excited for. 

Mt. Hebron student Olivia Kip is an avid Minecraft player and has eagerly waited for the new update. “My favorite part of the new update has to be the cherry blossom biome because it is so pretty. I love the color pink and wish they would have added this when I was a kid,” she stated.  

Another feature is the sniffer, a new passive creature that roams around, looking for ancient seeds. This mechanic allows the player to grow unique plants they have not been able to in the past.

Although this new creature brings new features to the game, many players think that Mojang should consider redesigning it as some players do not like how it looks in the game. 

“I think the new mob is so weird looking but the mechanics are very interesting,” Kip stated.

One new feature that sparked players’ interest was archeology and the new mechanics that came with it, allowing players to explore new biomes and dig up pottery shards. However, players argue that the implementation of this feature is not complete yet.

“I think the archaeology could be expanded on a little bit more but I am excited to see where it goes within the game,” said Mt. Hebron senior Alexis Mariner and Minecraft enthusiast.

Previously, Mojang has released multiple updates that revamped features that already existed in the game. Some players have complained about the new update being out of place as other features in the game should have been updated before adding entirely new ones. Other concerns are that the game is becoming overcrowded, as the point of the game is to be simplistic. 

 “I wish they would do an end update because we have had an ocean, cave, and nether so it would only make sense,” said Mariner.

With the upcoming release of the new Minecraft update, fans all around the world will eagerly await for the endless new features that the game has to offer.

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