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Seniors Prepare for Bittersweet Graduation Amidst Day 1, 7PM Time Slot Announcement

By: Fateha Syed

It’s official, Mt. Hebron seniors will be graduating on May 24, 2023 at 7 p.m, the first day of possible graduations at Merriweather Post Pavilion.

A variety of times have been assigned to different high schools. The times are anywhere from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mt. Hebron seniors have mixed opinions about their assigned time to graduate, with the evening time slot raising some uncertainty. 

“To be honest, 7 p.m. is a great time. At first, we didn’t like it since we wanted to get it out of the way, but when you think about it, 7 p.m. is very practical. The pictures will be cute with the sun setting and it won’t be as hot outside,” expressed seniors Jadyn Hughes and Kendall Swift.

Disagreeing with Hughes and Swift, seniors Ava Pierre and Gene Hughes had different opinions on this matter. 

 “We are definitely kind of upset about the time simply because it feels like the day will be wasted and it will be hard to take pictures after. The time is very late and it will limit our ability to make plans after the ceremony,” Pierre and Hughes stated.

This is undoubtedly an emotional time, both positively and negatively for seniors. Feeling different waves of emotions, seniors are finishing the last few months strong. 

“Ever since we’ve been applying and getting into colleges we have been ready to leave. High School has just gotten boring and we want to get out of here,” expressed seniors Tanisha Shah and Anmol Desai. 

While the two are ready to take on the new challenges of college, Jadyn Hughes is struggling to accept the fact of leaving home. 

“I’m mentally prepared to be finished with high school but the graduation itself and leaving home is something I am struggling to accept at the moment.”

From having to say goodbye to their friends whom they have spent most of their childhood with, to leaving their families to continue their next step in life, this emotional time will forever be memorable for both seniors and their friends and family. With graduation being less than two months away, seniors are starting to face the bittersweet reality of moving on to the next chapter of their life.

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