‘Senioritis’: The Disease Plaguing Mt. Hebron Seniors Alike

By: Kailea Mundorf, Hannah Chang, and Olivia Bashura

The four years spent in high school can sometimes seem like an eternity. Countless tests, endless hours of homework, and insufficient sleep are only a few of the obstacles seniors have faced for the past couple of years. On the other hand, students have looked forward to school dances, seeing familiar faces every day, and sports games. 

As graduation dates have been finalized and seniors are in their last months in high school, they are reflecting on their time here at Mt. Hebron: the good, the bad, and everything in between. Mt. Hebron senior Madi Heineman is feeling the pressure to make the last months count.

“It can get pretty stressful, but also you’re trying to savor every last moment,” Heineman says.

There is a lot of stress that comes with finishing high school. Regardless of the many math assignments that have made one question “when will I actually use this,” the seniors are aware that high school is a comfort zone, and that after, their lives will be very different. 

“There’s something so beautiful about just doing a high school show and there not being any stakes, and I’m going to miss the simplicity of that and the fun that comes with that. It never really mattered that much, and it was just for fun, but everyone was there because they wanted to be there and it was just fun for them,” Heineman, who has been the lead in various Hebron musicals, explained.

However, not all seniors are as concerned about the year ending. Despite only having just a few weeks left, some are over the never-ending schoolwork and pointless classes to fill up our days. Darius Smith, a Mt. Hebron senior, is eager to finish out the year. 

Smith states, “having a full schedule,” is really tough towards the end of the year. He also explained that he is excited to finally be able to sleep in after graduation and take the summer off. 

Students have also been experiencing the well-known ‘senioritis’ due to their decreased motivation from being committed to college. In addition to Smith, Mt. Hebron senior Alyssa Plooksawasdi relates to this phenomenon, and is struggling to get back on track, after getting accepted into her top schools. 

“I haven’t been able to wake up on time. I’ve just been coming into school like 2 minutes late if at all so many times this quarter. And we have our mock AP exams coming up which I do not feel like studying for,” she says.

It is evident that the last months of senior year are affecting everyone in many different ways, whether for better or worse. But as the last day of school for seniors gets closer, these feelings and changes will only get more prominent.

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