Women’s History Month at Hebron

By: Kailea Mundorf

March coincides as Women’s History Month, celebrating women all around the world, from our past, present, and future — inspiring new generations to come. International Women’s Day takes place on March 8th, recognizing achievements and challenges women face, as well as bringing attention to gender equality and women’s rights.  

At Mt. Hebron, staff and students are celebrating Women’s History Month by displaying pictures of those who have jumped over ropes to reach significant achievements and goals. Mt. Hebron senior, Emily Ching, notices these efforts. 

“There are laminated photographs of women who made accomplishments in history hung around the school at my work. There’s just a wall full of them that shows different women in history,” she stated.

The purpose of Women’s History month is to inspire younger generations about what they can accomplish in the future, and acknowledge those in the past who did not receive the recognition or opportunities that we may have now. Some members of the Hebron community, however, feel that there is a lack of initiative and presentation of this celebratory time. 

“People say stuff, but no one does anything. I feel like people don’t even know what women’s history month is. Women and our accomplishments should be celebrated as much as men. We are just as important,” an anonymous source stated.

Since 1987, after the National Women’s History Project protested the congress, March has been dedicated to the accomplishments and achievements of our past women inspirations. No matter to what extent it might be celebrated, it is still important to recognize and share with each other — especially in schools, as we look to encourage the next generation.

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