Celebrity Cat Fights and Enraged Fans: The Bizarre Bieber, Baldwin, Gomez Love Triangle

By: Emma Schwarz and Melia Botticelli

The fan-favorite love triangle of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are back, sparking an online feud as photos resurface showing Baldwin and friends appearing  to bully Selena Gomez. 

The decade-long drama started with Bieber marrying Baldwin five months after his breakup with Gomez. The rage amongst fans this inflicted has since died out, but old videos and pictures of Baldwin allegedly copying Gomez’s looks and stalking the ex-couple while they were dating resurfaced, and fans believe there is too much evidence for it to be a coincidence. 

“I know that Hailey used to be a fan of both of them first and now is jealous of her husband and Selena’s relationship in the past, so she is making fun of her with her friends and copying what Selena does,” says Mt. Hebron junior Maia Carter. 

Many people have found it to be a weird coincidence that Baldwin was a fan and was so involved before marrying Bieber. 

“All I know is that Hailey married Justin two months after he broke up with Selena and there have been videos and pictures of Haliey copying Selena’s outfits [and] her tattoos, and there were old videos of Hailey creeping around while Selena and Justin were dating,” says Mt. Hebron junior Claire Fitzsimmons. 

Both Gmez and Bieber have held silent in response to the  drama. Yet, their fans continue to fan their flames on TikTok and all social media platforms. Mt. Hebron junior Varsha Prasad, however, thinks differently.

“I think this situation should’ve been dealt with between the two of them and not on the internet, [and] it’s not even current,” says Prasad. “There’s just videos of Hailey resurfacing now so everything is coming out at once.” 

“I think the whole situation should have never been brought to the internet and should have been handled in private,” said Fitzsimmons, agreeing with Prasad. 

While it may have been better for the drama to stay private, the shots have already been fired, leaving only Gomez and Baldwin to change the online narrative as their fans continue waging wars.

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