Mt. Hebron Athletes Leap Into Spring Sports

By: Maria Estaphanos and Solana Wynn

With spring sports around the corner, Mt. Hebron students are ready to jump in. Spring sports at Mt. Hebron include softball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, and outdoor track and field, and students are more than ready to get back to the spring sport wave.  

Getting ready for spring sports can be incredibly stressful. Students were asked how they are able to prepare for the tryouts coming up on March 1st-3rd. 

Mt. Hebron senior and lacrosse player Kylie Ritter stated, “Practicing and coming to the workouts help you prepare for the tryouts and feel more confident.” 

Students must also prepare mentally leading up to the tryouts. Softball player Sarah Ginty said, “Listening to music that makes me feel pumped up helps me feel good before the tryouts.” 

Another important thing for these student-athletes to consider is their pre-practice/tryout meal. Athletes are more likely to be tired and perform poorly if they have not consumed enough calories in the form of carbohydrates or protein before workouts. Eating these foods can help fuel the body and limit cramping within the muscles.

A popular choice among athletes is peanut butter and bananas, which will help keep your body going for hours, energy-wise.

Track athlete Preston Henry stated, “I typically eat granola bars with protein before track practice or a meet.” 

Despite the great amount of preparation leading up to the event, athletes still feel anxious about getting back into sports after a long off-season. 

Henry’s biggest worry was “Feeling out of shape or not ready for running.” Similar to Henry, Ginty is anxious about “Getting back into after-school habits and practices.”  

When getting ready for spring sports with Mt. Hebron student-athletes will face different challenges when returning to their sports. However, the tight-knit community will allow athletes to support one another and ensure everyone feels comfortable to succeed during the upcoming season. Mt. Hebron Vikings are ready to shine throughout this spring sports season in all aspects. 

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