Tubi had the Best Super Bowl Commercial, and it’s Not Even Close

Football isn’t the only thing on TV on Super Bowl Sunday. Questionably pregnant Rihanna and the always adorable Puppy Bowl aside, this year’s commercials absolutely rocked, and social media had a lot to say about them.

Logan Paul and JJ Olatunji’s Prime Energy became the first creator-led brand to run a Super Bowl Commercial. Milwaukee Bucks all-star Giannis Antetokounmpo saved himself from getting dunked on, showcasing the Google Pixel’s magic photo eraser tool. The Farmer’s Dog even made all of us cry, showcasing a dog’s perspective of a family growing up. 

But nothing broke the internet just like Tubi’s TV high-jacking. Just in case you missed it, here it is:

The 15-second ad starts by an apparent return to the game’s announcing duo of Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen. As the two go back and forth, speaking on the play of the game thus far, an unseen hand pulls up a Tubi on-demand menu on the TV — and after a couple of seconds browsing the menus, selects the movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” A Tubi logo flashes on the screen as if to intro the movie you’re now watching, and before you know it, as you’re frantically trying to figure out who’s sitting on the remote, the ad is over.

It didn’t heavily hit the heart, it didn’t star any celebrities, it didn’t introduce any new product. So what exactly makes this ad so good?

If we look back to last year’s Super Bowl, Coinbase ran away with the best ad trophy as its DVD inspired bouncing QR code was all anyone could talk about. A unique approach of no words, just action, was extremely effective. Similarly, Tubi decided to forgo the standard product placement and slogan, and yank attention away from viewers in a different way.

It’s 2023, every ad has been done. The space outside of the box at which one can think is quite limited. Tubi found that space though, and the result is literally everyone talking about them — exactly what they sought when creating such an ad.