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Mt. Hebron Admin Attempts to Clean Up Halls as “Hall Sweeps” are Implemented

By: Fateha Syed

“This is a hall sweep, teachers lock your doors.”

With an increased number of tardy students, as well as an alarming amount of students wandering the halls mid-class, hall sweeps have been implemented to prevent students from being late. Throughout the school day, once the late bell rings, an administrator comes on the intercom and announces that there is a hall sweep. Teachers are then required to lock their classroom doors and not allow any students to enter the classroom. 

Mt. Hebron junior Jalen Joiner shared his opinion on this matter. “I think that they’re a good idea but not effective cause most kids go to class on time but leave later on to walk around not during a hall sweep.”

The hall sweeps are blind to those going to the bathroom and meeting with teachers, with a pass being the only thing to rely on. The consequences for hall sweeps start with a warning, and each warning afterward adds a consequence. The consequences consist of parent contact, teacher detention, and an office referral.

Expressing his opinion, Mt. Hebron junior Shreeshanth Kokatam said, “I think the consequences are fair since the first time is just a warning. Also if you have a valid reason to be late then there should be no issue. This will help bring down the number of tardies.” 

Disagreeing with Kokatam, Mt. Hebron junior Juliana Rodriguez stated, “I think the staff is strict about hall sweeps because they want every kid to get to class on time as we should. But, I don’t think hall sweeps will make every kid show up on time every day. I don’t think kids care enough about the hall sweeps.”

Hall sweeps have had both a positive and negative impact on students. Some students get to class on time while others do not care as it does not affect their day. Mt. Hebron staff is doing their best to prevent tardiness in order for students to receive full classes in order to learn and succeed.

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