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Mt. Hebron Dance Company Takes On Howard County Dance Festival

By:  Hannah Chang and  Lainey Hynes

After a two-year-long pandemic, the Howard County Dance Festival made its big comeback this past weekend. With over 10 high school dance programs coming together, over 100 dancers will be performing. While the Howard County Dance Festival may seem like any other school concert, the dancers think otherwise. 

A member of Mt. Hebron’s Senior Dance Company, sophomore Breanne Honza stated, “It was originally made to keep people from subtracting funds from the dance department, so it’s cool to see everyone come together to fight for the dance department and show their talent.”

The dance festival is a night to prove and showcase the amazing talents and everlasting impacts of the dance programs in schools. While the main purpose of the festival is to showcase many styles of dance, it is also a day where the dancers can unite with their friends from other schools and get closer to those on their team. 

Senior dance company member Sadie Van Horn stated, “I’m looking forward to performing our dance and also seeing my friends from other schools and spending more time with my dance members throughout the day.” 

No two dances were the same at this year’s festival, and the same can be said for Mt. Hebron’s Junior and Senior Dance Companies. The Junior Dance Company performed a piece called, “Hot Honey Rag,” inspired by the musical Chicago, and has the same sassy, extravagant flare.

“It’s a 1920s-style flapper dance. We wear these really pretty costumes, and it’s all about footwork and attitude,” stated junior Dana Landry of the Junior Dance Company. 

The Senior Dance Company took a different approach, not only in style but in tone. The dance is meant to invoke a sense of fear in the audience, as the dancers are playing the children enchanted by the song.

“It’s a creepy contemporary piece called Come Little Children inspired by the movie Hocus Pocus,” explained Honza. 

The performance will not only feature dancing, however. “Madi, one of the girls in the company, will be singing live and there is lots of partner choreography. There’s also a 60 ft long skirt too,” Van Horn stated.

 The number, “Come Little Children,” will be featured in the Mt. Hebron Spring dance concert this April. Dancers from around Howard County are looking forward to the return of the Howard County Dance Festival next year.

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