Beyoncé’s Dubai Performance Shakes Up Social Media

By: Willow Schools and Rachel Swigart

Beyoncé headlined the Grand Reveal of Dubai’s newest luxury hotel. She performed on stage on January 21st, 2023. It was her first performance in four years and she was paid a whopping $24 million to perform. 

Beyoncé has been an extremely successful, influential icon of this generation. When asked about her opinion on Beyoncé’s music, Mt. Hebron senior Olivia Kipchirchir said, “She is so talented, I think she’s an amazing artist and performer and is one of the best at what she does.”

Mt. Hebron senior Jada Brown also expressed her thoughts of the singer. “Her music is iconic but I don’t listen to it nowadays,” she said. 

Not only has Beyoncé’s music left an impression on everyone who hears it, but also the price tag of her performances. “I think that that’s an unfathomable amount of money to be paid for only one concert. I can’t imagine how much the tickets were,” Kipchirchir stated. 

Brown gave an alternative perspective. “She [Beyoncé] definitely deserves money for her talents, but I think that amount of money could be used for other things that are important.”

Although the guests were not allowed to record the performance, the last song caught fire online when videos started to surface. “I think that it was insane that so much effort went into one performance, the decorations, and the rising platform. The fireworks and background dancers were so mesmerizing,” said Kipchirchir. 

It seems that Beyoncé has come out of her “retirement” stage as she recently stated in a press release that she will be going on a world tour so she can share her talents with the world. Fans all around the world will eagerly await Beyoncé’s next moves regarding her future performances.

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