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Mt. Hebron Students Start Off Second Semester Strong

By: Melia Botticelli and Emma Schwartz

The first semester is over and Mt. Hebron is starting off the new semester strong, as students prepare with new objectives and ambitions to get them through the rest of the school year. 

A few Mt. Hebron students were asked about how they planned to improve for the second semester. Junior Olivia Hoover said, “Upon last semester, I want to improve on taking the time to study more, as well as reaching my full potential. There were many times where I didn’t feel like putting 100 percent effort, so I really want to try and put forth effort and commitment this semester.”

Based on how students did in the first semester they can make adjustments to study habits and in-class participation to make their second-semester grades better and possibly relieve stress. 

Mt. Hebron junior Maia Carter is also looking forward to improving and adjusting previous study habits. “I can improve on studying better and actually study hard for my tests,” she stated.  

Students this semester are dedicated to their grades and classwork and even set up GPA goals to help further their academic careers. Many goals are being set to make this a successful semester for the students. 

Mt. Hebron freshman Dylan Amin said, “My goal this semester is to raise my GPA. This semester I want to change how I manage my homework and time.” 

Mt. Hebron students are taking a positive new outlook on the new semester and with this comes new responsibilities and attitudes that will hopefully fulfill and exceed expectations. 

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