Beloved ‘Celsius’ Energy Drink Company Facing Lawsuit, Mt. Hebron Athletes Affected

By: Kate Carneal and Camden Lippert

The energy drinks that keep you up in the morning and get you through your sporting events may be no more. The famous ‘Celsius’ company is now under a lawsuit for claiming that their drinks have “no preservatives,” even though the drinks contain citric acid. If you’ve had these drinks before, you may be eligible for a $250 payout. 

Some students at Mt. Hebron are all too familiar with this product. Mt. Hebron senior Lucy Smith is a lacrosse player who drinks Celsius before every game.

 “Even though this doesn’t affect me personally, I realize this lie could cause a lot of health concerns,” says Smith. “But I really hope this doesn’t put them out of business. I need my Celsius in order to be at the top of my game.”

Unfortunately, for many students, this is the case. If Celsius goes under because of this mistake, a lot of athletes will suffer from this. Jenna Miller, a senior at MHHS, has a different point of view. 

“I’m glad this is happening to the company, and I hope this is an example to all other companies. Lying about ingredients in products is dangerous.” 

Even if the company doesn’t go out of business, this will still inevitably alter sales. 

Some will stop buying from them in case they are lying about any other ingredients, and others will buy more to stock up in case Celsius does in fact go out of business. Either way, this puts a large dent in the company’s revenue and is a fork in the road for many Hebron athletes.

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