From the Desk of the Chief

From the Desk of the Chief: An Introduction

What I love most about The Mountain is how it’s been my creative outlook for the last three years, exercising the writing muscle rarely used in other classes/activities. Following my sophomore year as a staff writer, I became the editor of the sports section before being named co-Editor in Chief the next year. While this was and actively is phenomenal for my growth as a writer from the other end of things, I missed out on my favorite part about journalism, creating my own content.

Now, as I close out my senior year, for this last semester, I intend to make my mark on The Mountain greater than ever before. “From the Desk of the Chief” will be my own editorials, often the sports content that got me interested in journalism in the first place.

As for the future, “From the Desk of the Chief” will be a platform that every future chief can write on — I don’t want this to end with me. Ideally, future chiefs will be publishing editorials on whatever they so choose for years to come. I look forward to producing as much content as possible for these next few months, and I hope it’s well received.

Evan McClure

co-Editor-in-Chief, The Mountain