Rihanna Makes Comeback at Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show

By: Serenity Holland and Kailea Mundorf

Rihanna has been in the game for years. The celebrity singer has earned a respect great enough for her to disappear for six years, and still be praised upon her return. This year, she’s coming back in a way that will give her the biggest audience yet. Headlining the Super Bowl LVII halftime show, will Rihanna meet the immense expectations for her return?

A Rihanna fan page with almost 10,000 Instagram followers by the name of @bapgalriri claims Rihanna’s grand return isn’t surprising. Though the singer hasn’t been active musically, she’s been channeling artistry in different ways. 

“She completely carried her name to a giant fashion and cosmetics industry and created her own brands,” the page posted. 

The anonymous account owner has favorites from just about all of Rihanna’s albums, including hits like the ballad Stay, and angsty chart toppers like Rude Boy

Rihanna’s discography holds many pop anthems that will inevitably turn the stadium into a concert. However, not everyone thinks her show is a crucial part of the Super Bowl.

Andrew Mason, a Mt. Hebron senior on the varsity football team, is passionate about football, but could clearly care less about the music.

“It’s not important to the game, but for TV stuff it’s important,” Mason says.

Although not everyone in the Hebron community is amped, it’s a given Rihanna will have a largely positive reception, both those in stadium seats, and the millions on couches around the globe. After her six-year break, Rihanna is on deck for a return of the ages. 

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