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Freezing Cold Temperatures Recorded in Maryland

By: Serenity Holland

Temperatures in Maryland have been offensively rigid this December. Northeastern air is taking on the lower end of thirty-degree weather causing the community to face prompt adjustment. Kickstarting the heat and digging out sweatshirts from the bottom of the closet has come sooner than expected. 

Abigail Fuller, a senior at Mt. Hebron is familiar with the struggles that ensue. “Well my car does not have the best heat so I have to turn my car on for 10 to 15 minutes,” Fuller says. “I get into it and I have a blanket with me in my car to keep me warm as well. Until I’m at Hebron sitting in the parking lot, that is when my car gets warm.” With heat being the main goal of cold weather, students are finding it easier to bring out sweats for school. 

“I do not have to find an excuse to wear baggy clothing every day. But clothing is probably the only thing I like about winter,”  Mt. Hebron senior Alyssa De Bels explains. Weather is also affecting emotions and performance. Fuller explains the limit to her tolerability as colder seasons approach. 

“Most of the time though, I become more irritable because I’m cold,” Fuller says. De Bels can agree, but the weather is affecting her a little differently.

“I think as winter break is coming up I get lazy and procrastinate my work because I just want to get to winter break.”  Despite the shift in temperature, it acts as a sign of better things. 

One way or the other, students can expect to prepare to be affected by the long periods of severe cold this winter.

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