What’s Next for the United Kingdom?

By Jacinda McNeal Fordjour

After 70 years, her reign has come to an end. Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England, passed away on Sep. 8, 2022. As most of the world has only experienced Queen Elizabeth holding the crown, curiosity as to what the United Kingdom will do next is brewing.

The Queen’s funeral was held on Sep. 19 with the British royal family in attendance, King Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Kate, and Dutchess Meghan respectively. Many other royal families and world leaders paid their respects to the Queen by additionally attending. 

Knowing Queen Elizabeth made quite the mark for the United Kingdom, Mt. Hebron’s European history and economics teacher Vann Prime gives his opinion on the upcoming changes. 

“I think with the passing of the queen, people [will] realize what role the monarchy plays, not just in the state of the United Kingdom but in people’s lives,” says Mr. Prime. “It’s a nice restart in interest in [of] the monarchy”

King Charles III has been set to take the royal throne for years, he automatically became King on Sept. 8, now the oldest monarch to take the crown in Britain at age 73. Other changes in the UK are still unknown, as well as citizens’ reactions to their new monarch. Mr. Prime projects they will be receptive to him.

“I think Charles has a pretty good reputation as being a man who is very concerned with the well-being of the United Kingdom…[and] he’s played a strong role in a lot of charities.”
Public opinion is essential for a successful rule in England for King Charles, but good relations with other world leaders are just as important. Mt. Hebron history teacher, Mike Tittsworth, gives his prediction on how world leaders will react. 

“I think they will respect him, one thing politicians know how to do is be politicians and at least theoretically get along with each other,” says Mr. Tittsworth.

Many people in England are still grieving over the Queen’s passing and knowing there is not much to say to these people to change their minds, Mr. Prime offers advice to the United Kingdom. 

“Continue to appreciate the heritage that a monarchy that has lasted more than 1000 years means to your country…It’s one of the things the British can be proud of and satisfied with even though certain elements can be controversial about it,” says Mr. Prime. “Treasure your heritage” 

Although Britain is preparing for a new era of monarchy, Queen Elizabeth will always be a crucial part of the United Kingdom’s history.

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