Mt. Hebron Students Share Opinions on Lunch

By Arayana Ladson

The Mt. Hebron school year is officially coming to an end, and with it students are reflecting on the many changes between this year and past ones, one of those being school lunches. Due to the lockdown last year following the spread of Covid-19, food options became free for all students, with a cap of one serving per meal. 

Students and administrators have various opinions about the school lunches served at Mt. Hebron and the differences shown in the effort for the servings ever since lunch became free. 

Mt. Hebron junior Kamya Osmer shared that the school lunches were “nasty, greasy and unhealthy.” 

This comment seems to be a trend amongst students as many administrators because many have similar opinions. “I think it is horrible, there is no nutritional value with sacrificing taste and quality,” said Mt. Hebron administrator Mr. Kenny, emphasizing the lack of effort put into the school lunches.

“I definitely do agree with the slaking of giving good food because it is now free, there used to be way more food options when you had to pay for lunch. There also used to be more options for kids to snack on throughout the day, now majority of the times the vending machines are locked for the day or broken,” said Mt. Hebron student Kameron Wilson.

“It is clear that Mt. Hebron has downgraded and downsized on the portions and options for kids to choose from. I just feel like if a child is hungry they should be able to eat whenever honestly because you don’t know what they could be going through,” added Wilson.

  This choice has also made students thoughtful about what someone who is disadvantaged might go through and why the portions and options for lunch should be changed.

 “I think the students should get one lunch but they should be better prepared and have better quantity and quality,” said Kenny. He also added that the majority of the meals do not look edible. 

 It is shown that students and administrators have impactful and similar opinions when it comes to school lunches. Students and staff are prepared to speak up about this situation that many schools are facing. SGA board members are planning to use their voices on this situation to better school lunches for next year.

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