Mt. Hebron Finals Around the Corner

By Fateha Syed

This year will be the first final test administered since the Covid-19 outbreak back in 2019. Midterms this year were canceled due to the increase in Covid-19 cases and student mental health concerns. As finals are just around the corner, students are faced with the stress of the tests once more.

Mt. Hebron sophomore Melia Botticelli expressed her thoughts on finals. “I do not think I am prepared for finals at all. I have no idea what I am about to get myself into, and none of my teachers have said anything about it.” 

The Howard County Board of Education voted on Dec. 16, 2021, to suspend midterms for the 2021–2022 school year. As midterms and finals were originally both 5% of students’ grade, the board changed finals to being worth 10%. 

When asked about her opinion on this matter Mt. Hebron Junior Kendall Swift stated, “10% is way too much, and that is more than some of our assignments are worth. If we do badly on our finals then it will bring our grade down tremendously. I do not think I am prepared for finals.” 

Swift also emphasized what the finals should be based on. “I think finals should be based on the last two quarters because that information is fresh in our brain, a lot was going on during the first two quarters- Covid was spreading like crazy and students were just getting used to getting back into the routine of school.”

Mt. Hebron sophomore Jonas Hulbert agreed with Swift that students should not be having finals, but he disagreed at some points. “I think finals should cover everything we learned this year. School is about retention of information, and personally I think after I go back and review some stuff, I’ll be ready for it.”

Mt. Hebron sophomores, Avery Maslow and Abby Smith both agree with one another when asked about their opinions. “For most students this will be their first big test that they are taking, little to no teachers have talked or even mentioned finals yet. Students are not prepared and this will cause a lot of unnecessary stress.”

Finals for seniors will be held in the weeks before their last day of school, with the rest of the school having finals on their last week in June.

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