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Spring Showers or Snow?

By Eliana Klein

With the current weather patterns changing day by day, Maryland residents are struck with confusion and annoyance. Days post deep winter have been ranging from highs of 73 degrees Fahrenheit to lows of 27 degrees. These changes are leaving students dreading to get out of their beds in the morning and sweating as they walk home from school. 

Owen Smith, student of Harford Community College, has found the changing weather challenging on his wardrobe.

 “I’ve learned to wear a bunch of layers every morning that I have to take off as the day goes on. I end up in a completely different outfit at the end of the day than what I started with in the morning because of shedding the layers,” he says. 

Besides inconveniences with fashion and comfort, some even find that their body is responding poorly to the constant ups and downs of the coastal weather.

 “I get such bad headaches from the sudden heat in the afternoon and it’s been making my allergies worse,” Jordan Becker a Mt. Hebron student exclaimed. “Im freezing one day and then hot the next which has been giving me crazy migraines.”

Becker along with many others hope to see consistent weather patterns forming in the next couple weeks as spring approaches. It is already hard to wake up at such an early time but with the lingering low temperatures getting out from under the covers and staying awake in class has been hard for students like Aditi Madabushi. 

“With open window covid precautions in classrooms I always end up freezing and sleepy in the morning because I have been dressing in short sleeves for the warmer afternoons after school,” Madabushi stated. 

With such a lack of middle ground in the weather, students can only hope for future stability and warm breezes. 

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