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Mt. Hebron Officially Enters the Second Semester of the School Year

By: Emma Schwartz

Mt. Hebron High School is officially entering the second semester of the school year. Let us dig into the overall opinions. 

Now that the second semester has ended, some student opinions have been gathered on how the first semester went, their goals for the second semester, and how the change from online school to in-person school could have affected their semester. 

Mt. Hebron sophomore Ainsley Wilson shared that her goal for the second semester is, “to get straight A’s and to not fail as many math tests.”

Achieving straight A’s seems to be a common theme amongst students because both Mt. Hebron student Samantha Muffoleto had a similar opinion.  

“My goal is to submit all of my assignments on time so that I can get A’s and B’s,” said Muffoleto.

It is clear that Mt. Hebron has a very high standard for its students and most of the students have high expectations for themselves. This quality at Mt.  Hebron is very honorable and admired by teachers. 

Students also said that the change from virtual to in-person school was a hard change and took time to get used to. 

“It was pretty hard, it’s a lot harder than online school, coming back to school was a big change and it was a lot harder doing school in person but the teachers were understanding,” said Wilson. 

She also said that the teachers were understanding and that seemed to be a comfort for a lot of the students in the first semester.

As Mt. Hebron merges into the second semester, the standards are higher, the grading is tougher and nothing is easy anymore. However, at some point, students knew that things would start getting back to normal and that the teachers cannot just keep holding their hands. 

The students seem well aware of this though, because when asked they said that in semester two the main thing that will help them is more studying and less procrastination. 

“Definitely studying more and spending more time on math and science,” said Wilson.

Students are prepared for a new beginning and are more than willing to learn from their mistakes and work on fixing them in the upcoming semester. 

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