Swing into Some of the Most Iconic Spider-Man Suits

By Gauri Nair and Gabby Teachey

It’s been 20 years since the first Spider-Man movie hit the big screen. Since then audience’s have been able to see different story lines, villains, and the different depictions of the beloved Spider-Man character. One of the most recognizable aspects of Spider-Man is his suit. As the storyline of Spider-Man has progressed through the years, so have the suit designs. Let’s take a look at some Spider-Man fan’s opinions on the evolution of the iconic costume.

When Mt. Hebron Junior Kendall Swift was asked about the suits from different Spider-Man installments, she was partial towards the older suits, saying that her favorite was the one featured in Spider-Man (2002).

“I feel like in the more recent movies they’ve started to modernize the suit and make the spider symbol less defined and detailed,” Swift said.

Spider-Man (2002) Suit

This shift in style could be due to the advancing technology that’s becoming more evident in the movies. Not only has the suit design changed, but so have the features of the suit itself. In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony Stark (Iron Man) gifts Peter Parker with a brand new suit, called the “Iron Spider”. This suit has a number of new features which upgrade his suit beyond just webs, allowing him to use technology to enhance his abilities. Although these advancements are changing the way the suit functions, the suit design itself has mostly stayed consistent. 

“Iron Spider”

Despite the changes to the suit in the past decades, since the first comic in 1962 the suit has maintained the same core design: red and blue with white eyes, decorated with webs and a spider symbol on the middle of his chest. Even now, almost 60 years later, the suit still maintains a clear resemblance. 

“When you think of Spider-Man immediately you think of red and blue,”  stated Junior Niti Rao. 

When asked why the costume designers chose to keep the suits mostly the same, Junior Sierra Sewchand replied, “Spider-Man was a big character during the comics and I think they wanted to keep the same consistency with the suit to demonstrate his consistent character even when there’s different actors that are playing his part.” 

Sophomore Erin Lupold agreed, saying, “I think it’s just familiar.”

As the suit progresses, there’s no telling what’s in store for future movies. While some think the suits will continue to change, others believe it’ll stay true to the original.

 “I hope they don’t switch up too much because the original looks good,” Lupold said.

 Students at Mt. Hebron share the sentiment that they want the suits to stay mostly the same, keeping with the classic design of the Spider-Man suit. There’s no telling what could happen in the future, but based on current trends, the suits will continue to change with the times.