Fall Sports

A Recap on the Girl’s Field Hockey Season

By Andrea Grieff

The girl’s field hockey season this year was a success with the varsity team having 12 regular season games, two tournaments, two Scrimmages, and two playoff games. The team got 3rd place in their region with four wins out of eight games.

Mt. Hebron’s athletic director Brain Rau says, “The girls back out on the field and we built on a strong foundation and got better every week. We finished as one of the best teams in the area and look forward to a great season next year.” The varsity Field Hockey team this year started off slow; they ended the season very well but lost regionals 2-3. 

Mt. Hebron sophomore Jenna Miller shared her experience on the team. “I met so many fun girls and was able to get good exercise every day,” she said. The girls said they had an amazing time on the team, but said it was harder work than previous years because they are on varsity. The team had practice everyday after school and had games at least once a week. They also had many preseason workouts during the summer. 

“We did amazing! We finished the season tied for number 1 in the county with only one loss,” says Tori Moyer, a 9th grader who is a part of the JV field hockey team at Mt. Hebron. The JV team did very well this season with a team of 15 girls, eight freshmen and seven sophomores. 

“We would typically do some type of run, stick work, drills, and then finish with a game or contest,” says Tori. The JV team would also practice every weekday after school. They would also have two games a week typically, with 11 games total and one scrimmage. The JV team did well and improved a lot over the season. 

COVID-19’s impact on sports was worrisome for some fall teams, but as Mr. Rau said, “The team did not experience any COVID issues this year.” Because of COVID-19 many did not get to play fall sports last year and as an effect the season started a bit slow this year. However, there were some girls that have never played before that made it to JV and did very well. The preseason workouts were helpful with getting the girls prepared for the fall season.

“My favorite part was all the girls I met and got to play with! Everyone was so fun and kind,” said Camden Lippert who is on the varsity team. The girls on the teams had a good time and are excited to come back next fall.