Superman’s son Jon Kent comes out as bisexual in the new issue of Superman: Son of Kal-El.

By: Audrey Parker

Although he is not the first LGBTQ+ superhero, Jon Kent coming out has increased sales for Superman: Son of Kal-El and made comic fans extremely happy and excited for the series.

Jon Kent, the son of Superman, is a reporter for the Daily Mail, along with his friend Jay Nakamura. Ever since he was young, he has been training to fill his father’s shoes for when Superman cannot protect the earth. Fast forward to now, he protects the earth while Superman is away on another planet. The job is not easy and gets stressful for Kent, so Nakumura comes in as a shoulder for him to lean on. Many people are happy about him finding his identity.

“I feel great because I love being represented as a person part of the LGBTQ+ community,” stated Mayuri Bose, a sophomore at Mt. Hebron High School. 

As the world is becoming more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, media representation is only increasing. Unlike how some other entertainment and literature may only mention the sexualities of their characters, DC is going in-depth with Nakumura and Kent’s relationship.

“It is important so LGBTQ+ kids can see this and feel valid so that kids who don’t know what they are can see this and say this is what I am and so non LGBTQ+ kids can see this and be like this is cool,”  explained Lauren Carlson, a sophomore at Mt. Hebron High School.

For years the LGBTQ+ community has been scrutinized and has had little to no representation in the media. A lot of queer characters on television are put into a box of what they should be and how they should act.  Because Superman represents the stereotypical All-American man, from his background to the values that he has, it makes his story so groundbreaking. He combats the stereotypical version of a male and tells readers that queer men do not all act a certain way.

“It shows that they don’t have to be hyper-feminine or hypermasculine and that their personality isn’t just being queer.  They can be more than a side character,” Carlson said.

Although this can be considered a win for the LGBTQ+ community, some people are not as happy as others. Some critics think DC is being “too woke”. 

DC’s colorist, Gabe Eltaeb, recently quit because DC decided to change the superman slogan from, “Truth, Justice and the American Way” toTruth Justice and a Better Tomorrow and Kent’s identity.” 

“I’m tired of them ruining these characters” he recently said in a podcast.  

Former Superman actor Dean Cain recently accused DC of hopping on the bandwagon saying “Robin just came out as bi — who’s really shocked about that one? The new Captain America is gay. My daughter in Supergirl, where I played the father, was gay. So I don’t think it’s bold or brave or some crazy new direction.”

However, some disagree and think that both are taking this to heart a little too much. 

“Get over yourself, you’re 30 years old worrying about a comic,” Carlson said.

Fans are extremely excited to see the start of Kent and Nakumura’s relationship and what it will blossom into. 

When asked if she thought DC would do a good job portraying their relationship, Bose commented, “Yeah, I think so because it’s becoming normal now. I hope they don’t butcher it.” 

Along with Kent, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Robin, and Batwoman are queer superheroes and Victoria October is a transgender supervillain. As seen by their recent actions, DC is moving into a more inclusive universe – one that all fans can enjoy.

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