Annual Skip Day Starts Whirlwind of Upcoming Events for Seniors

By: Lauren Gustafson

The first month of school came and went with its array of schoolwide activities filling the schedule. The involvement of much of the community in these events- like homecoming, the club fair, and spirit week- was typical, but the highlight of the senior class on their school-sanctioned skip-day was the first of senior-only events to lighten up these students last year. With much excitement, Mt. Hebron seniors remained at home while all other students took part in the PSAT, a test the eldest members of the student community do not have to take. 

Year after year, this day is portrayed by administrators as a time to work on college applications and go on college visits. Though this supposed purpose is announced repeatedly over the loudspeaker and in newsletters, it is seen more as a discretionary day for students to use as they please. With college application deadlines approaching, however, many do choose to utilize their time away from the classroom to work on their college applications. 

“On my senior skip day, my dad and I went to visit Towson [University],” senior Ana Hoover recalls. “I felt productive because it was a good choice to visit a college on a day I had off. I had never seen the campus before and was going to be applying there for college,” she stated. Like Hoover, many did use this day for its intended purpose, and its effects are apparent in these students’ college and career endeavors. 

Others, however, may not have needed the day for these purposes and in turn, devoted their time to different causes. 

Mt. Hebron senior Katelyn Hanks spent her day “with friends and making stuff for spirit week.” The positioning of the skip day in the middle of spirit week made for a nice intermission to make the later days’ costumes, like senior shirts for color day and Jersey Shore outfits for theme day. Hanks stated that making them was “fun” and great use of time, so the day was surely worthwhile. 

The day has now passed and seniors still have a variety of exclusive events to look forward to in the upcoming months. Most notably, both Hanks and Hoover have dedicated their excitement to the November 3rd crab feast. Hoover exclaims that she is most excited for the crab feast out of all the events because “I love crabs and I get to make fun shirts with my friends”. 

It will be a busy year for seniors with a fun-filled schedule and skip day was just the first example of such an event.