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New Slogan Graces the Face of MTH

“We Are Excellence. We Are Community. We Are Hebron.”

After a long contest, this was the new slogan Mt. Hebron decided on in early March. It was selected from a large pool of over 80 slogans submitted by members of the Mt. Hebron community and was thought to be the very best one of them all after very careful consideration from staff, students, and community members. 

Junior Natalie Gales, who created the new slogan for Mt. Hebron said, “I chose the slogan because when I think of Hebron, I think of all of the opportunities for academic achievement, the friends I have made, and the bond we have as a school community. I think it’s important that we not only focus on Hebron’s academic excellence, but also our school pride and spirit.”

Those around Mt. Hebron have mixed reviews over the new slogan, and especially how much effect it really has on the community at large.

Junior Isaac Noll said, “I don’t think it’s going to change anybody that much, I just think people are going to say ‘Oh, we have a new slogan, that’s neat.’ And that’s going to be it.”

However, Mt. Hebron is trying very hard to get spread their new message, with the Student Government Association (SGA) recently announcing they are planning to paint it on the mural wall outside of school.

Mt. Hebron also recently created a new vision and mission statement, crest and seal for the school. Even more, Mt. Hebron is now seeking a new logo as they continue to update and rebrand as we enter a post COVID-19 world.

Noll said, “I’d like to see a new logo. A new logo would be nice and fresh, something new to look at when you go to Hebron.”

With the Viking mascot at the forefront, four logo families were presented to the student body through a feedback form. All have retained the iconic colors of Mt. Hebron: black, gold, and white.

Gales said about the rebranding as a whole, “I was surprised at first to see that Hebron was rebranding, but I think that by giving students the opportunity to get involved with the design process of the rebranding campaign, we can generate more school spirit and togetherness within the school community in a time when lots of people feel very alone. It’s great that even though we’re apart, we can work as a team to put together this project.”

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