Senior Issue 2021

New Snow Tubing Senior Event Kicks off in 2021

by: Rylee Tuck

With COVID-19 keeping people out of school buildings for almost a year, students have lost out on a lot of time with their friends. With this in mind, the Mt. Hebron community is doing everything they can to make up for the senior class’s lost time in the safest way possible.

On February 24, members of the Mt. Hebron senior class went up to Pennsylvania to snow tube with friends at AvalancheXpress. With the entire mountain to themselves, the seniors could enjoy their time tubing, talking to friends, and even grabbing lunch at nearby restaurants.

In response to being asked if she felt this event made up for lost time with her senior class, Isabella Pittman stated, “Yes, I thought it was a well thought out, COVID-safe event that me and other students enjoyed.”

While these are unfortunate times for many, the senior class is still making the most of their situation.

Grace Efinda stated, “My favorite memory was the drive there with [my friends] Jordan and Alanna because we got to see around Pennsylvania and we got to eat together and listen to music.”

As seniors are growing older and getting their licenses, this comes with a lot more freedom. This was not only an event to go snow tubing, but it was also an opportunity to travel with friends and visit new places.

When asked how she felt about the drive to Pennsylvania, Alanna Reid said, “It was sort of a long drive, but my friends and I had fun.”

The next upcoming event seniors look forward to is prom. Currently, HCPSS staff have been looking towards venues in which social distancing and CDC guidelines could be maintained. If COVID-19 precautions are followed appropriately, and as vaccinations rise in the area, Mt. Hebron seniors remain optimistic that they could continue to celebrate their final year of high school.


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