Senior Issue 2021

Fall Fun Farmhouse Event Hosted by Mt. Hebron Seniors

Mt. Hebron’s senior class has been affected by the aggressive spread of Covid-19. Many will graduate without experiencing their final football season, homecoming dance, pep rally, or even prom. Regardless, Covid-19 and quarantine will not beat Mt. Hebron seniors. 

The Student Government Association (SGA) and parent volunteers have organized many non-school-affiliated events for the Class of 2021. Most recently, the senior Class Board hosted a Fall Fun Farmhouse Event on Oct. 13 at TLV Tree Farm from 4-7 p.m. 

Aside from assistance from the TLV Tree Farm staff, Mt. Hebron seniors are taking over with this Covid-safe way to bring students together in the most efficient but considerate way possible. 

Senior class president Haley Kampert says, “Masks are required, and social distancing will be enforced by TLV Tree Farm employees.” 

It is evident that the representatives of our school’s senior class are serious about making an effort towards keeping all participants safe. It is especially important to maintain social distancing between various groups of students during the event.

Senior and Class Board member Emily Rager says, “There will be activities like hayrides and a pumpkin patch that people can do. I’ve heard there’s also gonna be food trucks and possibly a little photoshoot area.” 

Based on Rager’s statement, students can expect all kinds of fun, interactive activities for seniors to engage in. 

It was of popular interest to know if this event or an event like this was meant to replace the infamous annual senior crab feast usually held around this time of year. 

According to Rager, “No! Obviously the crab feast is something that can’t really be made Covid-friendly, but there is talk about possibly moving it to the spring if we go back to school and having it then.” 

Despite the postponing of the crab feast, students were still excited about the Fall Fun Farmhouse event. 

Senior Kara Swift stated, “I am mainly looking forward to spending time with the friends that I usually don’t get to see very often now and I am looking forward to going on a hayride.” 

With events such as this, it is clear to see our senior Class Board is doing their best to make this school year memorable. 

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