Senior Issue 2021

Senior Sunrise Starts New Tradition at Mt. Hebron

Covid-19 can not stop the seniors at Mt. Hebron from making unforgettable memories this year. On the first day of the 2020-2021 school year, parents of the seniors at Mt. Hebron reunited the grade for the start of their final school year. This non-school affiliated morning allowed seniors to gather at Meadowbrook Park to watch the sunrise together. 

“Overall, I thought the sunrise was fun. It was nice to see everyone that I haven’t seen in months,” said Mt. Hebron senior Morgan Amos. “It was also the first time I felt like a senior because the entire event was dedicated to us.” 

The overall tone of the morning was very uplifting, and many seniors felt joyful to have a day to come together. All social distancing rules were in effect during the event, and masks were required to be worn by all who attended. 

Parent volunteers put together goody bags that were given out to every student. Each consisted of small treats that held meaning to having a positive first day of school.

The sunrise was organized in replacement of the typical first day of school. In years prior, students would tailgate in the parking lot before school to enjoy breakfast together.

“Although they did a great job, I still hope to have more senior activities,” said senior and Student Government Association (SGA) president Starina Chang. Overall, many seniors were pleased with the outcome of the event. 

“It was nice that whoever organized it tried to make it as normal as possible as if we were in school,” said senior Quran Briggs.

The senior sunrise was new this year, but some hope future Vikings can enjoy this event too. 

“I believe the senior sunrise should remain a tradition even after Covid-19 as seeing and talking to your classmates you have known since freshman year, or even longer, is a sentimental yet fun way to start your last first day of high school,” said senior Lauren Madden. 

Despite this non-traditional year, the class of 2021 continues to bring their Viking spirit. 

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