Robotics Club 3D Prints Face Shields for the Community

The world is going through a pandemic that has been caused by the Coronavirus or COVID-19. In the United States right now, approximately 1.9 million people have been confirmed to carry the virus, 52,015 of them being in Maryland. In every state, there are people who do not have the resources for face coverings/masks to prevent them from getting sick. In Maryland alone, 38% of people do not have access to basic needs, such as face masks (Baltimore Sun). Citizens have noticed this and started to step up and help by donating resources to people in need. 

The Mt. Hebron Robotics Club has been creating face shields using 3D printers, which they plan to deliver to Openworks in Baltimore City. Openworks aims to, “rebuild Baltimore’s manufacturing economy from the grassroots up, one maker at a time!”  

During this time, Openworks has been busy making critical medical equipment to send to hospitals all around Maryland. As of June 5, Openworks has made 26,500 face shields for medical personnel, first responders, food inspectors, and Black Lives Matter protestors. Openworks is still open for business, but only for those making face shields and distributing them. They plan to have their space open for other employees on June 8. 

Engineering teacher Mr. Champney stated his goals for the project: “I hope that with the help of our group, people are put more at ease knowing that they do not have to worry about not having a face mask available to them.” 

The students in robotics club share the same sentiments as their teacher. Junior Prem Mehta said, “We are all really happy to be contributing to the community in any way that we can.” 

With the pandemic roaring on, now is the perfect time for people to help out their communities. That is exactly what the Mt. Hebron’s Robotics Club is doing.