Samsung Introduces New Foldable Phone

On Feb. 14, Samsung’s newest phone was released at a price of $1,380.

The Galaxy Z has a very unique design. Unlike recent foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z folds horizontally instead of vertically. The phone has a 6.7 inch display when opened, and a small screen when folded that lets you access the time along with your notifications. Even though the screen is made of folding glass, Samsung claims that the phone can last up to 200,000 folds. 

The Galaxy Z is available in three colors: Mirror Purple, Mirror Black, and in some countries, Mirror Gold. These colors change when the lights hit them and have reflective elements.

The Galaxy Z has a free stop hinge called “Flex Mode” to keep the angle of bend in your screen similar to a laptop. Flex Mode splits your phone into two parts: a viewing area and an interaction area. Certain apps can even be paired with the two screen setup for easy access to multiple apps at the same time. 

Samsung is trying to change how we see modern smartphones, and no other phone has been like the Galaxy Z Flip yet.

At Mt. Hebron High School, the students mostly own iPhones and have strong opinions about phones because they depend highly on them. 

Senior Zach Shane said, “the foldable aspect would be way too inconvenient.” 

Senior Thomas Simowitz said, “That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, haven’t we already had flip phones? Why try it again?” 

Since there has never been a phone like the Galaxy Z, the students of Mt Hebron do not think the change is necessary. 

That is not the only aspect the students of Mt. Hebron do not like, the cost of the phone is a problem for some students. 

“Too much money for just a flip phone” said senior Kaitlyn Coliukos. 

It is going to take more than a bendy phone screen to convince the students of Mt. Hebron to buy the new Galaxy Z Flip.   

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