Chicken Express Employee Subjected to Religious Discrimination

Single Muslim mom Stefanie Coleman, who works at a Chicken Express restaurant in Texas recently suffered from an act of religious discrimation by her manager. 

According to CNN, Coleman clocked in and her manager told her to take off her headscarf because it wasn’t apart of the uniform and the manager sent her home. Coleman made a video explaining how disrespected and upset about the situation and she posted it all on the internet.  

English teacher Ms. Sandra Davis, thinks the manager thought he was being professional, but she thinks that it was unnecessary “to remove your hijab at work.” 

Davis also cited the idea that this could be an act of discrimination. She does not think the manager should have forced Coleman to take off her hijab.

“We’re in a society where we have a large number of different types of people that express themselves in different ways and express their faith and express whichever peace,” she continued.

“It’s not a political statement she’s making, it’s not something offensive or inappropriate that she’s wearing that’s encouraging violence or encouraging something unlawful.”

Senior Bryan Sanchez says he is in between. He understands why the manager did what he did but he also believes that he should have respected Coleman’s religion. 

“It’s her religion if she has to wear it, then she has to. Coleman did the right thing by keeping on her hijab,” he said. 

“Just be you for who you are and don’t let other people judge you.” Sanchez stands with Coleman and supports all types of religious belief.

According to CNN, the manager called and apologized to Coleman after the video was posted and told her she can come back to work.

“Wearing the hijab is apart of their culture and religion, they’re not respecting their belief if they’re making them take it off,” said sophomore Taylor Streeter, who agrees that this was a racist act. 

“I don’t think she should have to take it off, wherever she goes unless she was comfortable,” Taylor said. 

If Coleman had not filmed and posted the video of the altercation between herself and her manager, the situation  would not have been as impactful as it was in bringing to light the recurring religious problems in society.

As social media continues to become more influential, it will raise awareness about more situations of discrimination. Coleman’s video will become one of the may to pave the way to a more accepting world.

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