Juul Company Bans Mint Flavored Pods

The e-cigarette company, Juul Labs, is officially putting an end to the sale of mint flavored juul pods in attempts to get ahead of the incoming federal flavor ban. The Food and Drug Administration is trying to ban certain flavors like mint and menthol on vaping products to help prevent teenage drug use and addiction.

Teenagers have a tendency to gravitate towards products with flavors like mint. A student at Mt. Hebron said, “Mint is the most popular flavor because it’s a taste everyone loves. It’s in everything, your toothpaste, your gum, everything.” 

A study released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that among the 12th graders surveyed in 2019, 47% claimed that they preferred mint pods, and 44% of 10th graders agreed. With studies like this, many people argue that Juul Labs is profiting off of teenage addiction and Juul solved this predicament by removing mint flavored pods from shelves.

Daniel Harman, one of the health teachers at Mt. Hebron, agrees that the corporation is profiting even from the ban. “It’s a good PR thing, like ‘look at us, we’re trying to do a little bit better, but we’re not exactly making a lot of changes,’” he said in response to hearing about the discontinuation of the flavor.

A statement from the New York Times stated,“The company said recently that mint-flavored pods made up about 70 percent of its latest sales.” 

Other popular flavors are mango and other fruit flavors. Even with the ban on the mint flavor, people do not think there will be much of a change in sales or the number of minor customers. 

“I hope it has an effect, but there’s still a lot of flavors that are still popular and geared towards teenagers. So my concern of one flavor over the other, I think it would have a very small effect.” Harman said.

Just like the Food and Drug Administration, the Howard County Public School System has also been cracking down on the use of vapes in schools. Seeing as there is a boost in the research regarding juuling and health, the public school system is trying to put a stop to the epidemic within its buildings to keep all students safe.

With the increase in numbers of lung injuries at hospitals, doctors relate the epidemic largely to vaping products. The number of teens who juul has increased at a great rate. Mr. Harman says he has not seen anything like the juuling “trend.”

The numbers have heightened in such a short time, and the Food and Drug Administration, as well as the Juul labs, are working to get the popular flavor out of minor’s hands.

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