BWI and Walters Art Museum Displays Students’ Work

Bryan Tam, Fathima Hafsa Abdul Gaffur, and Yanyu Li were chosen to represent Mt. Hebron this school year at BWI airport gallery and the Walters Art Museum. These students were chosen to display their art for temporary placements at these galleries.

Junior Bryan Tam created a self portrait piece that plays with contrasting colors. 

“It’s kinda like a study of different colors and how they can portray and convey the face,” Tam said.

 Tam enjoys experimenting with the color palette, and used this to his advantage to create a unique piece. He has enjoyed art since elementary school, and decided to pursue it in highschool. 

“I remember when I was in fourth grade I was just doodling until I had this epiphany that I can actually start drawing,” said Tam. 

With much motivation, he began to think more creatively about his artwork. Since then, Tam has had his artwork displayed at the Columbia Mall. However, his most recent artwork is his greatest accomplishment so far. Bryan Tam’s artwork is displayed at the BWI airport until November of 2020. 

“It means a lot. I feel really honored to work this hard on an art piece and have people like it,” said Tam. 

Tam accredits his success to his supporters and instructors over the years. He hopes to pursue graphic design or animation in college. 

Fathima Hafsa Abdul Gaffur, a junior, created a piece of art incorporating her childhood love for cartoons. Her artwork was influenced and inspired by her childhood memories. 

Gaffur said, “I feel like I missed my childhood a lot like everyone else, so I thought maybe I should do something about that so I created a piece of art about the cartoons I watched.” 

Gaffur started to take art classes at Mt. Hebron her sophomore year. This is her first artwork displayed in an exhibit, and she is very proud. 

“I’m so excited. I have no words I’m just excited about it,” said Gaffur. 

Opening on February 24th, her artwork will be on display at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. 

Yanyu Li discovered her affinity for art very early in her childhood. 

“I started drawing when I was four years old,” said Li. 

Her inspiration for her piece was Japanese tattoo illustrations. Art will always be an important part of her life, and she hopes it remains a hobby of hers throughout college. She also has many art accomplishments, including artwork displayed in the Columbia Mall exhibit. 

Bryan Tam’s artwork will be featured in BWI airport for an entire year. Yanyu Li and Fathima Hafsa Abdul Gaffur are apart of the exhibit “Honoring the Process,” which will open on February 24th at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore.

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