Popeyes Brings Back the Chicken Sandwich

In Aug. 2019, Popeyes released its new chicken sandwich as a permanent addition to their menu. Popeyes is well known for their fried chicken, so when the news was spread of a chicken sandwich, the nation was all over the idea.

As expected, the sandwich was a hit and it sold out within days. Due to popular demand, the sandwich was temporarily taken off the menu, but was added back in early Nov. 

Since the sandwich came and went so quickly, many people were excited to have another opportunity to get their hands on a Popeyes chicken sandwich. 

The question remains: Was the new Popeyes chicken sandwich really worth the hype, or was the excitement taken too far? 

On Nov. 13, at a Popeyes in Prince George’s County, a man named Riccoh McClain had been arrested for stabbing a man, due to a man cutting him in line. Tyrell Davis was the man who supposedly cut in line in front of McClain, while everyone waited for the spicy chicken sandwich. 

Senior John Ross says, “It’s good, but Chick-fil-a is better. It was fun to try, but not worth the hype.” 

The Popeyes chicken sandwich seemed like more of a novelty than a meal. Senior Thomas Simowitz states a similar opinion, and says he would rather go to Chick-fil-a and that the popular chicken sandwich could have used more seasoning. 

Although many thought that the sandwich wasn’t unique or worth the hype, many students enjoyed the sandwich and would partake in the experience again. Many people got the sandwich for the novelty at first, but how many people would actually go back and get another sandwich?

Senior Mateo Brown said, “The spicy chicken sandwich was definitely worth the hype, and I would go back and get it again.” 

Now that the sandwich has been back for a few weeks now, the excitement to get one has died down. Popeyes hopes that they can keep the sandwich on the permanent menu, as it’s become so popular amongst consumers.

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