Disney “Plus” Streaming Equals Disney+

There’s a new monthly subscription to sign up for along with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video… Disney Plus. People have been requesting for years that their favorite childhood movies and shows be brought back onto a streaming service, but until now, no streaming services have met these requests.

Disney Plus consists of movies, channels, and television shows that are all owned by Disney, along with a variety of choices from Pixar and National Geographic in order to cater to a wide audience.

As of Nov. 12, you can now subscribe to Disney Plus for $6.99 per month and gain access to all things Disney. For $12.99, you gain access to Hulu and ESPN Plus along with Disney classics. 

Other streaming service apps who were previously partnered with Disney and were given permission to stream some of their shows and movies, are now being retracted due to the launch of Disney Plus, causing tensions among streaming service owners.

The students here at Mt. Hebron also have their own opinions about what they think Disney Plus brings to the table along with their first impressions. 

Senior Eric Ryva, aka Erock said, “Disney Plus is a great streaming service app for people who enjoy watching Disney and Marvel movies. They also have a steal where you get Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus for a good price as a bundle.” 

In the eyes of Erock, Disney plus’s upgraded version of the app is worth getting.  

On the other hand, there has been a lot of hype behind the release of Disney Plus because adults are gaining access to their favorite childhood shows and movies which adds to the momentum Disney Plus had at launch.

According to Senior Juliana Son the reason why she likes the idea of Disney Plus is the fact that, “It feels nostalgic, it brings back memories of my childhood.” 

Instead of buying each episode of Star Wars or Marvel movie, you could get all of them and more with a small monthly fee and experience all the nostalgia you want.

Some people stick to what they prefer, such as senior Kristien Webb who said, “Netflix has a better variety,” which is true considering the nature of Disney and it’s recent release.

That tends to be the reasoning behind not making Disney Plus their primary streaming service. Disney Plus is new and doesn’t have as many shows and movies as Netflix to begin with and on top of that, Disney Plus only consists of Disney owned shows and movies. 

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