Mt. Hebron Performs “Damn Yankees!”

Mt. Hebron’s theatre cast and crew debuted began its theatrical year with the production of the musical, “Damn Yankees!” The show takes place in the 1950s and follows Joe Boyd’s story of transforming into baseball star Joe Hardy and playing on the poor performing Washington Senators team. 

Mt. Hebron’s theatre members were under the advisory of director Thomas Sankey who has directed Mt. Hebron plays for over 30 years. According to Mr. Sankey, the most difficult part was deciding on the cast.

“The most difficult part was the casting because there was so much talent,” Mr. Sankey said. 

Mr. Sankey also commented on how much he enjoys the work he does with all the students. He found the production energizing, and he cherished the relationships he and the students formed during production. 

Two of his students, senior Alexis Jackson and junior Julia Medina, agreed. 

“When you join a cast, you join a community,” Medina commented. 

Mr. Sankey encouraged any student who wanted to audition for the next production to take that opportunity. 

“Every time you’re gonna grow, even if you don’t get cast. If you wanna take a chance, tryout,” he said.

Senior Andrea Sicoli is a member of the technical crew for Mt. Hebron’s theatre. Sicoli said that the play “Damn Yankees!” is special because every show is different. Mt. Hebron has performed “Damn Yankees!” a number of times before.

Sicoli said, “Mt. Hebron has always had the experience and the resources to do the show well.” 

With regards to the tech crew and the physical production of the set for the show, Sicoli said that building the set is the most difficult part for the tech crew. Working under pressure is another obstacle that Sicoli and other tech crew members face during a performance.

With regards to the dynamic between technical crew members and cast members, Sicoli mentioned the stresses that come with “tech week,” when the technical crew begins setting everything up for the performance.  

On the day before opening night, students contributing to the production can be seen in dresses and ties. The cast and crew are dedicated and have put so much effort and excitement into this production.

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