New Staff Member Spotlight: Mr. Dupski

The new Administrative Leadership Intern, Mr. Jonathan Dupski, aims to bring fresh, new ideas to the Mt. Hebron High School community. His passion for educating and connecting with students provides him with great potential at Mt. Hebron. 

Leadership has played a vital role in Mr. Dupski’s life since he began in the education system. Even as a math teacher at Atholton High School, he wanted to achieve the assistant principal position.

“It’s kind of been my aspiration since high school,” said Mr. Dupski. He shows a clear affinity for leadership, and he hopes that his desire to connect with students will inspire other administrators at Mt. Hebron to improve their relationships with students. 

During his time as a teacher, Mr. Dupski looked up to those in leadership positions. A significant role model for him is Mr. Pat Saunderson, a former teacher and administrator who is now community superintendent for the Howard County Public School System. By looking up to those who have achieved significant leadership roles in the school system, Mr. Dupski has accomplished his goals and followed in the footsteps of his role models.

Mr. Dupski also discussed his struggle with balancing his work life and home life. In fact, he said balance is one of the most difficult aspects of being an assistant principal. Mr. Dupski’s new position has brought challenges, and he aims to better prioritize to stabilize his life.

 “I want to have a positive impact in any way I can, both with the students and the staff,” Mr. Dupski said.

The addition of Mr. Dupski to the Mt. Hebron. Connection, communication, and community drive Mr. Dupski to be an influential leader for Mt. Hebron High School.   

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