Jonas Brothers Reunite with New Song

The Jonas Brothers are back together and with brand new music almost six years after they broke up. The band broke up in 2013 just two days before the start of their 2013 tour. The brother responsible for the band’s split was Nick. He stated in a break up interview on Good Morning America, “I was the one who initiated the conversation. We’re family first and that’s always been our main priority. We have chosen to be brothers first.” Although none of the three have confirmed the exact reason why Nick wanted to break up, most believe it was because he wanted to start his solo career as he was already doing on the side of the Jonas Brothers with his band Nick Jonas and the Administration.

Fans are bursting with excitement that their favorite boy band is back. Senior Kaylee Triplett is one of those fans.

“I was really excited because I loved them so much when I was younger. I legitimately thought I was going to marry Nick Jonas as a child so I was totally shocked and interested to see what they were going to do this time around,” said Triplett.

The three brothers were all for the band getting back together but they first needed to work out some of the issues that caused the band to break up in the first place. Fans did not know the extent to how bad things ended for the band but Kevin Jonas told radio host Elvis Duran “It was BAD” and the three of them participated in group therapy on a live radio interview. Fast forward to today and Kevin, Joe, and Nick are ready to rock again!

Shortly after the break up, Nick released his solo album Nick Jonas in 2014 featuring the hit Jealous and Chainz. Joe also continued his music career without his brothers with his band DNCE, which formed in 2015 and released the summer hit Cake By the Ocean. Kevin however decided to say goodbye to his days as a rock star to raise his two daughters with his wife Danielle Jonas in New Jersey where he started his own real estate construction company JonasWerner.

The brothers officially made the decision to get the band back together in early 2018 but kept it a secret until February 28, 2019 just two days before they dropped Sucker, their first single since the break up. Ironically, Nick was the one who wanted to get the band back.

“Yes, I broke up the band but I also got us back together,” explained Nick.

The idea of a reunion was first sparked in 2017 when the three began making a documentary about their lives as the Jonas Brothers, their Disney Days, and their solo journeys.

“In the process of making that documentary It was evident there was a magic that was missing,” Nick told talk show host James Corden on his show Late Night with James Corden in March.

That “magic” Nick mentioned was something both he and Joe found missing when touring solo or with DNCE. Both of them said there would be times when they would be playing shows in a cool city and they would wish that the other two were there to experience it with them.

“My individual milestones in my solo career never added up to the ones I had with my brothers. There’s nothing like being able to look to your left and see your brothers there with you sharing those moments,” explained Nick- and Joe went on to agree with him.

Since the release of Sucker which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, the band has released a music video for Sucker as well as a documentary on Amazon, they took over Late Night with James Corden for a week, performed at the March Madness Music Series, put on a concert at Penn State, dropped another new single called Cool along with a music video, they performed at the Billboard Music Awards, and even announced that they will be releasing an album and will be going on tour this summer. “We’re on cloud nine at the moment,” shared Joe.

The guys have recorded thirty to forty new songs for the new album Happiness Begins which have many musical influences ranging from Post Malone and Khalid to older styles like Stevie Wonder and the Bee Gees.

While the setlist for their shows will include their new music, they have not retired their biggest hits that fans first fell in love with back in their days with Disney. They have said how excited they are to perform those old songs live again, Lovebug being one of them. Some other songs that have been pulled off the shelf – no pun intended- are S.O.S, Year 3000, Burnin’ Up, When You Look Me In the Eyes, Shelf, and That’s Just the Way We Roll.

“We’re smiling ear to ear with fans and we feel like we’re giving them hugs again. There has been familiar faces and seeing the fans reactions online is just nuts,” explained Joe.


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